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Here is another titillating Q&A installment of Heavy Petting!

Mz. Luxury has a serious disco cold from too much queer-e-oke and white rum, so excuse the snot nose kid voice <3

In this episode we talk about disassociating during sex, pubic hair, exploring queer spaces and meeting queer partners, fisting and asking for orgasms!!

Do you have a sex and relationship question? Ask it here!

Another episode hot off of the presses! I have a bad cold, talk about a lot of my baggage and EZRA MAKES A CAMEO!

Get into it

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HEAVY PETTING: Episode 1 from Heavy Petting on Vimeo.


HEAVY PETTING: Episode 1 (NSFW & 18+)

subtitled version here

This is the first video installment of our new project, Heavy Petting! In this video we give some tips for those interested in strap on sex and answer questions about scissoring, penetration, and the subversive potential of being submissive.

Resources mentioned in the video:

1. The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide For All of Us (sadly most of these resources and most resources out there are cissexist) 

Read more about it here

2. Spare Parts Joque Harness

Check it out here

Let us know if we missed anything! 

Read more about this new project here and don’t forget to follow us if you want more! 

Have a burning question you want us to answer? please send us an ask or email us at majesstica69@gmail.com subject: Heavy Petting

(all questions and surrounding information kept confidential unless otherwise specified)


The Luxery-Legayz

Hey Hotties me and my stunning fox of a wife started a new project!! We’re really excited about it and its just going to get better from here so follow us, like us on Facebook, ask us questions, watch me bat my eyelashes to keep the glue from burning my eyeballs, etc etc

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