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shout out to all the fatties adjusting and readjusting their outfits all night tonight ♥ love you

Fatshion February: I’m Really Bad At This Edition

I had to race to get ready to go get my fingerprints done for immigration and Majestic has my memory card so I can’t take a real picture of my outfit. 

Top & cardigan & tights - acquired from my wife

Skirt - Torrid I think

Fur collar & shoes - thrifted

brooches - one was a gift from my babybear and the other is from a Scandinavian craft fair

Fatshion February Day 6

Having a pretty bitchin day. Got fisted and had a crygasm, saw some friends, bullied a child on the bus for trying to make fun of my wife for their gender and told them I’d ruin them and then me and my wife went for a walk in the Jewish Cemetary and had some intense cuddles with the graveyard ghost cat that might have been my Bubbe’s spirit or someone who knows her and now I’m going to eat cheeseburgers with my babybears 

Everything on my fat beautiful body is thrifted

Red Red Wine
Underdress - TargetVest dress - ThriftedTights - AvenueSocks - ThriftedBoots - Steve MaddenScarf & Jewels - Thrifted

Flamingo Pose

Dress - borrowed from my Boo, originally from F21 2x

Blouse - Target XXL

Cardigan - Majestic’s by way of Ashley Aron

Tights - Just My Size, best fucking tights and now I can’t find them anywhere

Hat - some dead person’s I got from an estate sale

Jewels - mostly thrifted, tiger ring is from Torrid

Lipstick - Covergirl Flame

Constant Surprises

Skirt (size 14 try on EVERYTHING), Cranberry Sweater (XXL originally from Target) & Jewels - thrifted

Hair Scarf - My Bubbe’s <3

Cardigan (Gap XL) - Margitte left it at my house :)

Platforms - Miz Mooz

I Left My Heart in Canada 

Sweater - Thrifted (vintage size L)

Skirt - Made by me (waist is 42 inches)

Socks - We Love Colors

Shoes - California Magdesians August Pump from Endless.com 9.5 wide width they run narrow

Brooches & rings - thrifted

Purse -thrifted gift from Erin <3 <3

I thought my hair looked much bigger today :/

Top - Target

Skirt - made by ME

Heels - thrifted

 I am a loner, a crazy wide eyed loner on a doomed mission to Venus to battle with the 3 headed mega beast but on the way I caught cornflakes disease.

Top - Thrifted pajamas cut up

Skirt - Target

Platforms - Miz Mooz and yes I am always wearing them

Tiger Dress 

Present from Margitte from Torrid <3 <3

Reminds me of my Baby Sis who’s half jungle cat half mermaid