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I had to beat Majestic at Rock Paper Scissors to be the one to post these.

Our son is literally the most perfect living breathing thing on this planet. 


Sitting under my grandmother’s tree.  Gabriola Island, BC.  Photo credit:  Jessica Luxery-Legay, secretly snapping photos through the kitchen window.

Daddy Bear took this actually!! But we both watched you from inside and cried like babies about how much we love your beautiful, tender and strong heart <3

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here is a cover of the song we played for JLUX at the weddin’

lyrics here

** also I defs used this as a ‘garter toss’ song + we had to sing real quiet because we maxed out the speakerssss

I started to gyrate on the computer screen when I saw those hawt sex machines dance! What wild animals with tender hearts <3 <3 

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Just got home from a long but wonderfully successful shopping day with my Momma Bear Jessica.  We found all the pieces for my amazing wedding outfit!  I don’t want to give it away but it’s probably the hottest shirt/tie/vest colour combo you’ve ever seen.  February 4th is when it all goes down, you should be there or at least get really excited to see the photos.

<3 <3 and we ate poutine and loaded fries and Hernandez and we pet the biggest sweetest shop kitty in the world <3 <3 and its SO SNOWY AND BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE <3 A+ family

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study break ocean adventures with mama and julia. I felt so full of life and fresh air when we returned.

damn get a load of that rock tower and those serious babes

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For prosperity’s sake. Yesterday, after a few days of bad moods and high stress, Majestic and I made the decision to treat ourselves to some wonder.

I made friends with the sea lions and tried to teach them how to share through positive reinforcement of more fish for the fat guy who kept trying to take all the fish from the blind guy (not pictured) when he behaved. We ate cold mini donuts as we walked down to the coast to enjoy the sunset and I proved my love by not allowing Majestic to go anywhere near the edge of the breakwater for fear of losing them to the sea. We threw stones into the water and with them we sent good thoughts about the people we knew who need guidance and support and for those we don’t know (hey anons). Taking the long residential route back downtown, we talked about being close to the earth and being more in tune with spirits and took in the smell of fireplaces burning and the beauty of Christmas light displays. 

I bought bath things with glitter in it and thought about what I would skip to be able to afford that luxury.

We went to family dinner at Chloe’s house and I wrapped myself up in the warmth of everyone. We ate such bright and fresh food and spent the majority of the meal emphatically showing our appreciation for it.

After we had all cleaned up and had tea and cake, the whole family went for a late night swim at the community pool. We played like children, pretending to be sea creatures and holding races and competitions. My family in all our beautiful bodies and presentations and personalities were such a sight. Majestic led a guided meditation in the sauna amongst a sprinkling of cis white bros who actually found us to be quite charming. 

With our hair wet and stuck to our faces,our eyes stinging from the chlorine, we went for a late night ice cream cone and then sent each other off to bed.

The soreness of my body this morning feels so delicious

The Children of Darkness have met and Ezra’s a dandy showboat bottom who’s so in love and Elliot’s a bossy lesbian separatist who’s not sure if she’s turned on by Ezra’s femme nature or insistent on destroying his masculinity. 

I love my family

Daddy’s home