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Date someone who gives you the same feeling of when you see your food coming at a restaurant

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femme on femme sex means real ass talks about makeup and hair boundaries depending on the scene

today im grateful for my fat femme lover bc of the way they help me hike up my spanx in the back way up to my bra. love is real and grand

We met before our bodies had an exchange.
Intertwined in the cosmos as nomadic
galactic dust, we lived in the pulse of the universe.
You are unfamiliar physically, but that spirit I know like the route to my house.
I have traveled your map many times, and
each time with different looking baggage.
In this realm, we have never spoken, but your arrival
has been forecasted since before my birth.
I want to sit still in the midst of this chaos, and explain to you
how much I have missed you.
Mira BothWays, “I’ve Been Waiting.” (via mirabothways)
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every night with fleetwood feels like a sleepover. its been three years and im still getting first date butterflies and femmes are just my everything

here’s to two (and infinity more) nonlinear linear years of big huge transformative hot tender explosive love and healing with this dreamboat of a soulmate #everydayisthebestday #chasingbiglove #majesstica #luxerylegays #hunkofburninglove

When two Scorpios mate for life, Mercury going retrograde is POWER HOUR ♥ ♥

Fleetwood surprised me with a lush king sized mattress because we’ve been two fats and two cats on a DOUBLE and the craigslist ad said “get a King for your Queen”. Now two queens lay in the lap of working poor luxury wrapped up in fat, hot safe love. ABUNDANCE

Me and Fleetsy and all our friends

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