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Zissen Pesach to those who observe. May we remember what we’ve overcome and give thanks and most importantly let’s talk about those who still suffer from oppression in all it’s forms. Today I’m thinking about Palestine, my gender variant friends and family and all the strong working class womyn doing it for themselves even though they shouldn’t have to

Like any good Jewess, I love the bagel for what it means to me as it stands alone in greatness, but also because it is a heavenly vehicle for cream cheese


Returning to my first shul that I have memories of tonight…after about 15 years. I love Kol Nidrei services. But this is a conservative synagogue (le sigh……. -___-) so there won’t be any music. So fuck the police, I’m going to listen to Youtube Kol Nidrei suckas.

to all my fellow Jews in the house, I hope atonement goes smoothly. Humility and forgiveness everyone 

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I took a quick drive through Williamsburg yesterday. Purim was always my favorite day of the year as a child. I think it was the first time I went back without trying to disguise myself. I didn’t even wear sunglasses. I just rolled down my window and snapped away. A passing stranger yelled at me in yiddish, but I don’t think he expected me to understand. I noticed that there were way more women in jeans walking the streets than there were when I was a child. It explains why most people didn’t get as angry as I thought they would at my taking photos. Every time I visit I feel more thankful than ever that I’m not stuck there anymore. I’m so grateful that Williamsburg has no hold on me anymore.

Deborah Feldman was born and raised in the Hasidic community of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York. Her memoir, UNORTHODOX: The Scandalous Rejection of my Hasidic Roots, is being published by Simon and Schuster in early 2012.


my folks <3 I can’t even count how many times I was a bee for Purim too 

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describe your first kiss in five words?





drunken boy nonsense, category: gross

Parking lot: Jose’s Mexican Grill.

Kindergarten valentine’s day was awesome

very completely and totally nonexistent. 

Sorta nervous, missed first try.

I still have virgin lips.

My driveway, was a sophomore.

Cafeteria; Armenian twins

wet, clumsy; but why not?

Wait, no. Did that count?

or (if it didn’t count)

Over with, with a friend.

He was Very Gay.


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Wish someone had given this to me as a bat mitzvah gift. That would’ve been swell.

Our life has been a training manual! I feel fully prepared 

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Sandra Bernhard, photographed by Edward Mappletorpe, 1990.


Sandra Bernhard, photographed by Edward Mappletorpe, 1990.

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i went to auschwitz and birkenau this weekend and all i got was a minor emotional breakdown and the intense desire to call my grandmother.

also, i wrote this poem. it’s called something that i haven’t come up with yet.


[here in poland — kim selling (april 25, 2011)]

the cafeteria worker at auschwitz has eyeliner for days
thick dry charcoal streaks
and a pink lip with one smile left for me
which she wasted, by the way.
i didn’t deserve one.
i couldn’t last the day.

this place is for thoughts
not for forgiveness or clemency,
but i still can’t hear german or russian
spoken without a loud cringe
and frozen whimper erupting
from my frame,
bent inward
all plastic chair graduation style,
up against the wall.

the waves of your face strike against me
one by one all day,
arguing hard and fast with fluorescent lights,
a solid constant scream
of frustrated pregnancy.

i don’t hate you. i’m not racist.
i just can’t handle any trace of you
or your country.
we’ll play bride and groom,
but there are no patients here, nor witnesses.
it’s not your fault, it wasn’t your plan.
it’s just that there are people in my life
who weren’t allowed to meet me.

there are insects everywhere,
fire ants and tiny worker bees.
giant no smoking signs hang across
the entrance to the crematorium, and i am told
to be silent and respectful
past the threshold.
but there are millions of cigarette butts
laid out by toe-measured inches,
tiny obstacles covered
in wriggling ant bodies,
and i am quiet, i’ve let
the crowd of tourist children
shutter clicking accent rounding
collective gasp of sighs
take precedence over my
awkward foot shuffle and
uneven breathing.

these buildings stand still for a reason.
so that we will never repeat aloud
what we should have suffered in silence.
it is for education, and understanding,
for a new generation’s mercy.

but i don’t care.
i just want to burn
this entire place
down to the motherfucking ground.

I went to Auschwitz when I was 13 for March of the Living.  Reading this brought back SO MANY feelings.  I have to be at a Happy Hour in 30 minutes and my face is so puffy.  I miss my Bubbe’ 

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started a new tumblr dedicated to conservative religious fashion


similar to mormonhair but no mormons - pentecostals, hasidic jews, amish, mennonites, you get it

i know way less about these religions so it won’t be as comprehensive and detailed as mormonhair, but the pictures are pretty good


hasidic jewish boy in poland

so excited for this tumblr and for ginger jews

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