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Mariah Carey - Forever

every night i see you in my dreams

i don’t want to watch this space to see how people talk about you, remember you, keep you alive. it won’t make me feel better, it won’t honor you, it won’t change anything

words have become such a pitiful way to hold you, the reading and rereading of our exchanges sustain me the best they can. 

the sisters you brought into my life, knowing and naming the magnitude of this loss, reached their hands out to grab mine and we strung our hearts together

i’m going to eat so many fucking snacks through my tears 

i’ll never stop fighting

i’ll always hold space for you should you care to visit 

i love you sister, ferociously



j.bee posted a comic about mark aguhar that touched on many of the conversations i have heard discussed since mark’s death - how to mourn someone you didn’t “know” (“know” being a very nebulous word when dealing with an internet culture that has frequently been called and characterized as “oversharing” - whatever that means), public discourse concerning suicide (v murder), how to remember people, how to commemorate people, how art created by/for/about can be sensationalist, how to talk about how death (in general, and specifically mark’s) make us feel (the question about how that matters, does it matter)

j.bee told me that my post that said “lets keep reblogging mark” inspired her comic and we discussed how we see less of mark’s work reblogged and what that means, if it means anything.

as usual, more questions than answers becuase there is no answer. i am just reminded that there is no answer and at least a million questions.

i’m crying.

Grieving you is as complicated as loving you and appreciating your beauty has been. - Majestic

(Photo reblogged from garconniere)