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Eating is not a logical game. Eating is an emotional game, an intuitive and gut-led practice, an “I-can’t-explain-why-I-crave-tuna-right-now” (or brownies, or crackers). You cannot rationalize everything you eat. You cannot eat in a bubble. You cannot only eat when you are completely emotionally neutral. You cannot only eat things because they are “the best and healthiest foods”. Because that is disordered eating. That is where we ran into trouble before, because that is where we start striving for perfection where perfection doesn’t exist.
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nikapooticus asked: Any tips on how to stretch grocery money?

This is a GREAT question! Especially now :)

Here at the Luxery-Legay Manor we try give ourselves as nice of a grocery budget as we can allow, given that we are both still working through our disordered eating habits of our past and being gentle and thoughtful about that process of unlearning is #1 here.  

Respecting your journey with food while also being honest about your current financial situation is a challenge for sure but not impossible.

We like to ask ourselves a series of questions:

1. What do I actually feel like eating in the next couple of days?

being real about what you want versus what you believe you should buy is the most important thing when you’re on a budget. There’s nothing more nonsensical and wasteful like spending your limited funds on things you feel guilted into buying and then not eating them because they’re gross

Its totally cool to eat cereal for every meal if that’s what gets you off right now. Don’t fucking buy the expensive organic kale and tempeh whatever if that’s not going to actually make you happy. 

Buy things that will actually feed you

2. What’s on sale and how can I make that into something I’ll desire?

We eat a lot of chicken & pork because it’s cheap. My favorite thing to do is to buy a huge chunk of pork shoulder and cook it in the crock pot. You can then stretch that $15 (roughly) piece of meat through several different types of meals (carnitas in tacos, over rice, in a soup, etc)

3. Is there a generic version?

We rarely have a brand name 

4. Can we stock up like its Y2K?

when shit’s on sale, go bananas if you can. 

5. Can we go shopping with a friend?

We sometimes go with one of our babybears so we can buy in bulk and then split it up! 

Also from my beautiful sister:

toofattobehipster replied to your postAny tips on how to stretch grocery money?

Loving this! Also, if you have CalFresh, WIC or Food Stamps, many farmers markets (at least in California?) will not only honor your money, but will double it in an effort to get fresh local foods onto everyones table! <3

That’s what I can think of now, but if I have more I’ll post it!! xoxoxo

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