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Hey Fatties in the DC Area!!!

If you’re interested in creating fat/body positive community in your area, contact my #1 Jewess Amazing Babe For Life Always, Jessica Glickman at jessicaglickman@gmail.com or click her name for her tumblr <3

She’ll prove to be a light in your life they way she’s been in mine without a doubt, so run don’t walk you know?




I want to create political movements where we can be gentle with one another so that we can learn, grow and move together in new ways. Most of the time, we cling really hard to our identities, our politics, and our ways of understanding the world which prevents new connections from happening. On tumblr our defenses are high and when someone speaks out about our identities, behavior, politics, or the problems that they create, we immediately stage a search and destroy mission aimed to take them down and make ourselves seem cool and smart. This usually consists of a group of people getting angry and saying hurtful things about a certain person or issue leaving no room for growth or understanding, only divisiveness and alienation. We need to stop taking each other out and look at the bigger picture.

To me, there is a difference between anger and rage. Rage can be productive, it can fuel us to destroy and rethink our ways of understanding ourselves and the world. It can mobilize us to connect in new ways and look at how we are hurting others and ourselves. Anger strikes me as something very different than rage. Anger often emerges from a place of fear and can be used as a way to exercise power over other bodies and people. Generally the way we talk to each other about our differences on tumblr comes from a place of anger. I don’t think that anger isn’t valid or necessary sometimes, it is. More often than not though, people use angry or aggressive words as a way to prop themselves up as unimpeachable beacons of knowledge, or authority figures and are actually just perpetuating the same counter-norms and exercising power in the same ways as the systems we all claim we want to destroy.

We need to start thinking of power, and oppression in new ways. Probably one of the most important things anyone ever taught me, was that dominance functions by remaining invisible. I think that is really accurate and accessible way to get people thinking about how power functions in the world in more complicated ways. It’s not just about certain people having power over others, or government having power over the people - power is everywhere. Power is all around us and constantly multiplying all of the time. If we aren’t cultivating an awareness of the ways in which we are personally reproducing and perpetuating power in our interactions with others we are just going to continue to recreate the same fucked up dynamics over and over in our social movements.

Our political identities: fat, woman, queer etc. have been created for us by the systems of power that are fucking us over (and denying us rights) in the first place. Our identities are important in many ways but we need to realize they are seriously limiting and getting caught up in the intricacies of them may only serve to dig us in deeper.  Until we find new ways that we can start to connect, I think the most important thing we can do is take care of each other so we can be dangerous together. Instead of coming at each other from a place of anger and fear, or an unexamined desire for power — perhaps we can come to one another from a place of love, gentleness, maybe even compassion? This will manifest differently for all of us, but lets take this into consideration and start talking about what this looks like.


- Erin Majestic Legay

Click on the bolded link for a video that takes a critical look at identity politics (subtitles available).

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Babies I really need you.  Well Adrien needs you but it would mean so much to me if ya’ll could help him out in his time of need.

Do you live in the Northern Wisconsin area? Twin Cities?  Are you trans* looking for community and support? Can you be support to someone who is trans* and lacks familial support?  Maybe you’re looking for a roommate or you need to get out of your living situation as well?  Maybe you just want to send my baby a message of support and love and solidarity because we all know what its like to be scared and isolated and in need of love and community <3

Maybe Adrien can elaborate on this or clarify, but a signal boost from you all would really really be helpful :)

I have a lot of followers so I hope ya’ll can reblog this at the very least please!!

None of you are alone and I love you very much <3 <3 xoxoxo

SF Bay Area Fat Meet Up! “Second Saturdays”


Any local fats not already invited or have seen this,
Info here: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_114494441944425&ap=1

Meet up is at 2 pm at my cafe in San Bruno, CA (Near SFO)

signal boost!!

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OKAY SO I was going to make a really ~*KEWL*~ flyer but I changed my mind!!!!

Here are the deets:

WHEN: May 21st @ whenever you want o’clock.  Margitte and I will get there early to get a spot 

WHERE: Ocean Beach in San Diego. Near dog park (so bring your pups!) and the grills (so we can make snacks)

WHY: Because seeing Tumblr babes in the flesh in their bathing suits being happy is basically my DREAM

WHAT (to bring): YOURSELF, your friends, your family, basically anyone with a good attitude.  Also bring stuff you’ll need or want to have at the beach duh. We’re not providing snacks for everyone but I’m hoping this will be like a potluck deal and there will be a grill so like, prepare for that

WHO (to contact): Myself (tangledupinlace@gmail.com or my ASS box) or Margitte (margitteleah@gmail.com or her ASS BOX )

please reblog and spread the good word!!! xoxox

Questions Questions Questions

What sounds more feasible for So Cal babes to attend a beach day in San Diego: May 14th-15th or 21-22nd?

Does anyone thinking of coming have a little bbq or grill they could bring?

Hey, YOU!: DFW/Denton Fats


I’ve been talking about organizing a plus size clothing swap party for the past couple of months, and I am determined to make it happen (with the help from my lovely friend, Natalie).

If you’re interested PLEASE join our DFW/Denton Fatshionistas Facebook group. You may have to be logged into Facebook to access this link. If it’s still not working, search “DFW/Denton Fatshionistas” Feel free to send me a message here on tumblr with any questions.
Join fellow fats, spread the word, reblog!
(Sizes 12 and up only, please)

It’s a Closed group, by the way.


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