Tangled Up In Lace


Grace Mahary for Dress To Kill Magazine.

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Mz 007- Important 

I’ve listened to this at least 10 times since reading about it on For Harriet yesterday. 

I’m so here for a fat black woman declaring herself important, exuding self confidence, and owning her truth.

Here for this movement!  

this is hella catchy

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Fat Black Girl Takeover.

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i was really 💁feeling myself💁 yesterday so of course a 12yr old girl felt hella threatened and tried to bully ME in front of her MOM at a fucking farmers market and it was awks bc i love girls and only want camaraderie??? i hate moments when you want pounce ⚡️🐆⚡️ but you have to rise above #womenlovingwomyn #internalizedmisogyny #littlegirlslittlegirls #misshanniganinstylenotinfeelings

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yestergay was one of those days filled with moments i could feel digging themselves into my heart, into my bones, with a mission to wake parts of me id grown too tired to rustle from sleep. my femme in shining armour banding together the angels, harpies, sirens and mystics that i call my protectors to give me love and sustenance when i needed it the most. i read your words and sobbed the most cleansing tears. i was brought to my knees by the tangible evidence of love that surrounds me and i will carry this with me for the rest of my days. i am invincible knowing such femmes hold my hands 💖🌈💪💄🎀👠😭🌼💗🌾🍭🍯🔮✨🔮💫👄💝 #femmesareEVERYTHING #blessed #femmes4femmes #healingmagic #togethernearorfar #HELD #LOVED

stop white girls who think murderous sociopaths are attractive

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