Tangled Up In Lace

Frequently Asked Questions!

This should really be called Frequently Asked Questions & Statements but I didn’t think you would get my acronym

  • JESSICA HOW DO YOU DO YOUR HAIR?!?!  I pincurl it wet every 3 nights and sleep on it. The other 2 nights I pincurl it dry in bigger looser pincurls because its easier to sleep in and every 3 nights of uncomfortable slumber is enough for this girl.  I’ve used a shitload of tutorials off Youtube and just made up my own after a while. This is a great one (she talks FOREVER so you get a lot of info)  I don’t use gel like she does, I either use a curl enhancing cream for a wet set or a like wax for dry sets. This is her brush out tutorial The brush out is KEY. Don’t freak out when you start brushing them and they look Wack Attack. Keep brushing. 

BUT ALSO you can just separate your curls with your fingers depending on your hair and intended look. I’ve started doing this for my body and less stress on my hair but it does look less “vintage”


Foundation: Clinque Even Better in Fair 02 or e.l.f. foundation in Porcelain

Powder: Instant Age Rewind (lol but I had a coupon) in Creamy Natural

Blush: Tarte Cheek Stain in Natural Beauty on the apples as a base and then I put either Covergirl Cheekers Blush in Classic Pink (so cheap but such a nice and trashy pink) or Physicians Formula Multicolored Blush in Blushing Berry or e.l.f blush in Pink Passion

Eyebrows: I use a really wee angled brush (IB113 Takalon Liner brush) and an unmarked black eyeshadow and really I follow my natural brow, the powder is just to add fullness and colour

Mascara: all kind but there all from drugstores! The main one I use now is Rimmel Max Volume Flash 

Eyeshadow: Revlon Matte in 001 Vintage Lace sometimes, or sometimes Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Bronze Blue Eyes, orrrr Physicians Formula Eyebrightener in Natural Eyelight

Eyeliner: L’Oreal Linuer Intense Felt Tip in Carbon Black for the top and Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes in White for the bottom 

Lipstick: Kat Von D in Underage Red

  • DO YOU ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS THAT YOU GET? no! I get a lot of repeats and questions I find too problematic to post. I also don’t make a habit of “answering” hate mail because this isn’t the place for that negative weak bullshit and its probably a lie
  • WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PLUS SIZE CLOOOOTHES??? I thrift mostly because I like the thrill of the chase, its cheaper and it makes more sense to me politcally.  I also shop at Ross and antique stores a lot.  For better more specific ideas and options, check out these tumblrs because I am by no means a fatshion blogger.  CorazonesRojos FatGirlsGuide Musings of a Fatshionista  Chubble Bubble and well most people I follow!
  • THANK YOU FOR DOING THE DOCUMENTARY, ETC ETC ETC. you’re SO welcome and thank you for all your support.  Its unreal and I’m not sure how to handle it <3 <3
  • WHAT DOCUMENTARY WERE YOU IN??? http://vimeo.com/17785299
  • WHERE DO YOU WORK ARE YOU A PROFESSIONAL BLOGGER??? I’m not a professional anything :) 
  • HOW DO YOU DO YOUR EYELINER??  Its basically a scaline triangle I make on the outer corner.
  • YOUR EYEBROWS! I know. That’s MOSTLY thanks to my foine genetics but also I pencil them in darker so they’re high drama like me
  • WHAT ARE YOUR MEASUREMENTS??? Height: 5’4 Bra: 40DDD Waist: 42inches Weight: I don’t know I don’t weigh myself anymore but I’d guess 260ish lbs
  • Did you ever think you would be this happy in love?

I don’t really know! I think I’ve always wanted to be this happy in love but I don’t know that I was ever certain I’d find it. But as soon I saw Majestic and read the things they wrote, I just knew I’d find a way to be with them and love them the way we both deserved. I would have gone into a million burning buildings to be next to Majestic. It was and very much still is as all consuming and a Scorpio kind of love

  • Were you ever scared deep down but really bold outside?

Honestly, I’m probably always scared about something! I’m a quintessential tough guy. I’m shaking in my heels 75% of the time, but do my best to remain strong on the outside. Cheesy, I know, but Mark Twain said “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” I can always be afraid but its important for me to do something with that fear and understand that if I’m not a little uncomfortable, I’m not doing the necessary work to better myself.

  • What is a crygasm?

    A crygasm is when you orgasm so intensely that you cry!  I totally believe that sex can be incredibly healing (when done right and consensually) and when emotions are heightened and you fuck it out, you can orgasm your feelings to the surface and right out of you. Its beautiful and overwhelming

  • Were ypu ever bisexual?
  • I did identify as bisexual in high school. Queer wasn’t a word I knew then and probably would have been too afraid to use it anyways. I still do like and love men and women but I also love a genderqueer! I’d say depending on the time and situation, I  identify as a lesbian or queer.